Monday, August 7, 2017

August Flowers

Flowers in August and a bit of the green and red for the upcoming holiday season.  This is an old favorite weaving draft of mine it is adapted from HW's Design Collection #11.   I enjoy traditional looking towels and love to weave them.  The photo looks a bit yellowish -- the white cotlin is not as crisp and pure looking as it is in real life.  Oh well, photography isn't my strong suit.

I personally never get tired of traditional red and white towels, they just make me happy.

Trying to get a jump on holiday sales with two towels to add to the shop's Christmas listings.

Happy Weaving!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Christmas In July

It really is Christmas in July in my weaving studio.  Just completed an 80" long table runner using Perle cotton and some really nice silver lined garnet beads.  My customer evidently has a very long table and was specific on the length.  The design was left up to me and off I went to warp, thread and weave up the runner in 24 hours.  Lots of fun.

Happy Weaving!

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sunny Swedish Towels

Had a wonderful time working and changing a weaving draft I found in Vav magazine to make it more my own.  Used GOTS certified cotlin yarns in this project.  The warm and sunny yellow along with the navy blue are very reminiscent of the Swedish flag and just make me smile.

Summer is fast slipping away and I need to get hot and start planing and weaving Christmas textiles for my Etsy shop.

Happy Weaving!

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wonderful Surprise

Yesterday was a red letter day for me.  I discovered a lovely surprise in my mail box sent by my dear friend Diane in California.  Diane and I met on the internet through Etsy and have enjoyed a long distance friendship for a few years now.  Diane owns Treadlers
on Etsy where she hand weaves the most luxurious scarves from beautiful yarns like Qiviut, silk blends and many other beautiful combinations.

Upon opening the surprise box I was astonished to find 6 skeins of Arctic Qiviut Wool Blend 2 ply lace yarn in two shades of my favorite color - red.  Among the skeins of yarn was a wonderful pewter Musk Ox pin.  Also in the box was a beautiful handmade brass sleying hook made by the Celtic Swan - this hook is so beautiful and so well made it is a work of art.  Using the hook is a pleasure not only because of it's beauty but it is well designed to fit into your hand easily.

What wonderful gifts -  all the makings for me to be able weave myself a lovely and warm winter scarf out of yarns I would never ever splurge on for myself.  Thank you Diane, you touched my heart with your lovely gifts.

In the weaving studio I just finished an 8 yard warp of organic GOTS certified yarns using a draft I found in an old VAV weaving magazine - the draft can also be found in the "Simple Weaves" book.  Love the clean simplicity of these towels.

Happy Weaving!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Horizons

Fresh run of towels woven with organic cotlin yarns I just pulled off my Gilmore Jack Loom.  Next up is the finishing which consists of running a zig zag stitch between each towel, washing and drying the long run of towels, the first pass of my iron, cutting the towels to size, hemming and the final pressing of each towel.   Lastly, photography of the towels and posting in my Etsy shop.  Lots of work but each step is enjoyable and the finished towels are a pleasure not only to weave but to use.

I have been long contemplating where I want to go with my weaving and have been toying with the idea of learning about using a drawloom.  Step one, I purchased the book Damask and Opphamta by Lillemor Johansson from Amazon this morning.  This book is a go to for learning and understanding how to operate a drawloom.  Next up will be the search for a used Glimakra Standard countermarch loom,  yes, dear readers I have had two of these looms in the past and sold both of them.  I am kicking myself for letting them go.  Need a Glimakra Standard loom and the drawloom attachments for that loom so I can learn to weave using the drawloom attachments.

Swedish and Scandinavian weaving looms and drafts are once again calling my name, it is time for me to heed the call.  After several years of ignoring the call to weave what I want to weave I have decided to ignore what the online market wants me to weave beginning with the next warp on my looms.  Weaving for the online market is not making me happy, it is high time I do what I want to do and let the chips fall were they may.  Yes, my Etsy shop will remain open but I will begin selling only textiles that I enjoy weaving in the shop.

New horizons are a joy to contemplate - as a friend of mine says "onward"

Happy Weaving!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thank You!

This beautiful handwoven towel arrived in today's post.  Beth Mullins -

is the talented weaver who created this beautiful piece.  What a lovely housewarming gift from a very talented weaving friend.  Pepper and I are delighted with the towel and think it looks smashing in our new kitchen.

Thank you Beth!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Studio

We have settled into our new home here in Minnesota, the house is unpacked and the dogs have settled into new routines.

Here is  my new weaving studio complete with a working gas fireplace and a separate office area (the office is through the doorway on the right side of the picture). 

Next up, warping up my looms.

Happy Weaving!

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