Friday, January 12, 2018

Different Sort of Loom Lace

Had a blast adapting a star weaving draft I found on Ravelry Warped Weavers forum.  I used my draft to create a few towels of various shades of cotlin yarns.  Lots of fun!

Happy Weaving!

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Friday, January 5, 2018

One More Step Closer

One more step closer to weaving on Swede with the addition of brand new texsolv heddles installed and waiting to be threaded.

Just finished putting brand new lam tie ups and heavy beam cords on the loom.  I love to see nice white cordage on my loom.

As you can see my supervisors are once again asleep on the job.  You might notice that Jack thinks he is a cat and sleeps on top of the couch.  Thank goodness company doesn't see this old couch, it has seen better days.   I have to say the old couch is great for an afternoon nap in my studio.

I sure wish I could sleep this deeply.  Good boy, Jack.

Happy Weaving!
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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Secret Messages On My Loom

I am back at the loom weaving some towels for Valentine's Day.  If you squint just right you might be able to see the hidden X's and O's in the black design elements.   Hugs, kisses and hearts - we all need more of them in our lives - don't you agree?

Happy Weaving!

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Thistle Rose Weaving Studio Loom Review - 2018

Meg, one of my fellow weavers starts off her year with a run down of the looms in her studio on New Year's day.  What a great idea!

The newest addition to the loom herd here in the studio.  Swede, a 100 cm Glimakra Ideal Loom.  Swede is waiting for brand new heddles and tie up cords to arrive so he can get down to business.

Beth, named in honor of a good weaving friend who happens to adore Macomber looms.  B5 40" Macomber Loom 8/10.  Updated Beth with 4 extra harness and treadles to make her into the 8/10 she is now.  Great loom to weave with - just wish shaft 4 would stop sticking!

Rose, the first loom I ever bought new and my go to loom.  Gilmore 36" 8/12.  I love to weave with Rose, we have grown our weaving skills together over the last 18 years.

WeeNut, bought for summer travels in our 5th wheel RV.  WeeNut is a Wolf Pup LT 8/10.  We have not woven much together yet and are getting used to each other.

Moose, a 22" - 12 shaft Mountain Table loom.  Great loom, he is for sale!

 As you can see the studio looks a bit crowded with 4 looms sitting in it - but, pictures can be deceiving.  Each loom has plenty of space around it to work and view the fireplace at the same time.

A little blue bird of happiness sits on each of the big floor looms in my studio.

I wish all my friends a very Happy New Year.  
May your warps be tangle free and the time you spend at your loom wonderful. 

Happy Weaving!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Swede Comes To Stay

Found a lovely 70's era Glimakra Ideal countermarch loom that was looking for a new home.  This afternoon I cleaned and assembled "Swede".  He is a 4 harness, 6 treadle countermarch that fits in to my studio without any trouble.  

Being a used loom Swede was missing a few things and I placed orders for brand new items like - texsolv heddles, an aluminum beam protector, 4 brand new rubber feet, 2 new harness pins and a nice new stainless steel 12 dent reed.  I really need to replace the beam cords with fresh cording, which I plan on doing in the morning.

Here is a front view of Swede with his nice matching bench.   I added my Tibetan Prayer flags which will bring us peace and contentment while we weave together.

So very happy to have finally found a countermarch loom that fits not only me but my studio.  

Life is good.

Happy Weaving!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mountain Table Loom For Sale

Mountain Table Loom, 22" weaving width, 12 harness, non-folding.  Comes with brand new texsolv heddles and 2 reeds.  Loom does have some marks on the far left of the front beam - these marks do not interfere with the warp.  Beautiful patina.  Great loom both for beginning and advanced weavers.  Pick up only, Waconia, MN.  $700.00  - PayPal or cash only.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Four to Eight

Before the additions

Placed an order two months ago with Meridith at Macomber Looms to upgrade my 1968 model B5 40" Macomber loom. I ordered 4 new harness systems - #’s 5 through 8, a lamm depressor, 600 heddles, beater pads and stop pads to bring my lovely loom up to 8 working harnesses. The loom still has room for 2 more harnesses to make it a 10 harness loom. One of these days I may add those final two harnesses.
Also ordered 8 brand new shiny heddle bars to replace the old existing bars - yes, I know I could restore them but I want everything to match and look nice.

Here she is with all eight harnesses, 4 new treadles and the ever famous lamm depressor installed.

Notice the lovely new brass parts installed next to the original four that came with the loom in 1968.

In the 1968 lamm depressors were a wooden dowel you pressed down on the lamms with while to trying to install the treadle hooks.  Not user friendly at all.  A brand new lamm depressor has been installed and it will hold a lamm down with out my assistance so I can install the treadle hooks with ease.  

Happy Weaving!

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